Volume One of ‘Cornish Saints and Holy Wells’.

In early 2014, I produced an original set of 63 oracle cards based on some of the Holy wells.  (Available on Amazon)

I was then asked to produce a book about the stories of the Saints and the wells, used for the oracle cards. People also wanted to know directions to the wells and these are included in this book.

There are thought to be over 400 wells and springs in Cornwall, and I have visited many of them. Some are lost due to neglect, building works, weather and geological conditions, but there are still many to enjoy. All are very different in their own ways, and have different uses, histories and energies.

There are more Saints in Cornwall than there are in Heaven”

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About Helen Fox

I have lived and worked in Cornwall for over forty years.

For several years I taught Special Needs groups confidence building skills, before moving into Mental Health. Later I worked in Supported Housing for people with mental health issues or learning disabilities, teaching and encouraging independence.

I now have my own practice working as Master Reiki practitioner, and Reflexologist which I love. I have also trained in other Complimentary Therapies and continue to work at the cancer drop-in centre at my local hospital.

My interest in Holy Wells began several years ago when I set out to visit as many as possible, little knowing how many there are in Cornwall. So far I have visited over 200 but there are many more hidden away in special places in the landscape. This has been a journey of discovery and wonder, stimulating and interesting, and has developed my spiritual awareness and practices.

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